Vision, Part III

Vision, Part III

The applications for Galápagos’ computational architecture are limitless in comparison. In particular, with the current zeitgeist obsessed with artificial intelligence, and its promise of efficiency through automation, this architecture has the potential to fuel its evolution and emergence into the future. However, as with any kind of technological advance, ethical and moral considerations must be taken into account. There is the potential for any type of technology to be used for ill.

However, Galápagos Engineering believes in using technology for the betterment of mankind as a tool, but not as a god. Human judgment, insight, and decision making must be kept in humans’ hearts and minds so that the application of technological innovation improves the human condition instead of exacerbating it.

Artificial intelligence is of particular interest and concern in this regard, for the automation of judgment and decision making can have dire consequences if there are no controls in place to limit its computational algorithms in which small errors can aggregate into devastating effects.

Regardless of the realm in which this technology is applicable, it is critically important it is developed with the intent of doing good. To do otherwise would be a disservice to the human race. Only through collaboration and cooperation can this kind of technology offer the promise of improving the human condition, whether on this planet or all the others in the whole of creation.

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